Toward the Light is where your True Purpose Shines!

Developed in early 2018, Toward the Light Candle Company is an Atlanta based organic and eco-friendly candle company developed and operated by creator Faith Beverly Sapp. After spending numerous hours testing scents and producing candles in her basement, within six months, the first set of fragranced candles had been established.  

Faith Beverly Sapp has a background in the beauty industry owning her own salon for 15 years.  She also has a bachelor's degree in business management which she uses to conduct the business of both her salon and candle company.  Her husband Lonnie Sapp sits right beside her as his background in global executive work has assisted in the success of the expansion of Toward the Light Candle Company.  Together they own four businesses and work together in the day-to-day operations for each of them.

With the help of her husband, Faith expanded from online retail sales to being the go-to for candle makers or anyone wanting to start/expand their candle business.  This new initiative has increased productivity not only for TTL but also for the customer.  With the ability to mass produce, TTL candle company can serve everyone looking for a candle manufacturer efficiently.

Toward the Light Candle Company follows along the path of offering quality products and services, and look forward to being the go-to for your manufacturing needs.

"Look where we've all come from... Coming out of darkness, moving Toward the Light. It is a long Journey, but a sweet one, bittersweet." - Maya Angelou


Our Candles

 Our all-natural hand-made soy candles put your mind at ease with just one light. Our candles are made to EMPOWER, EN-LIGHTEN, and EVOKE positive vibes that lead you to discovering your ultimate destiny! Because love is so pure, we could not offer you anything less. Our triple scented candles are eco-friendly, made of all-natural soy, produced with organic hemp wicks and stored in recyclable vessels. Each candle is individually poured and made with LOVE.

Our Process

We take pride in using a meticulous process that our products are of the highest quality.  We carefully select our fragrances with the belief that scent is the most essential element in the burning experience.  We use eco-friendly and sustainable natural soy wax derived from soybeans which is a renewable resource. We hand blend and hand pour with care and attention each candle to provide consistency and a well-balanced candle. We use Beeswax coated Hemp wicks ensuring an optimal burn.  After pouring, our candles go through a process to cool and settle in order for the fragrance to bind with the wax. Then every candle goes through a quality control process. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our mission.

 The Vision

 Toward the Light Candle Company has a love for people, a love for candles, and a love to inspire. Our vision is to create a harmonious and synergetic connection with scents and words to inspire individuals to embrace their authentic selves, cultivate a sense of balance, and achieve success in every aspect of their lives.