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The CLASSIC Collection

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Not just a Candle, but a Movement

Candles have their own symbolisms to each individual. Here at Toward the Light Candle Company we light candles to pray for our loved ones, pray for health, protection, and blessings. The flame of the candle for us symbolizes light that can change your life. We believe in manifesting the life of our dreams and that it can be done with one candle. One candle can light many and never lose its own light. We encourage you to always "Look Towards the Light" side of things as the owner herself was instructed by the Most High.

Light the Joy of Luxury & Soy


Meet the Owner!

Faith Beverly Sapp is a vibrant, friendly, and empowered individual that strives to help as many people reach their true potential as possible. She utilizes her platforms to inspire by teaching people how to go within and find their true beauty and purpose in life.

Faith Beverly Sapp TV