Next Level!

Hello beautiful!

Thank you for taking the time to view my website and landing on this blog.  I appreciate you more than you know. 

As I am sitting here writing I'm thinking "what is it that I want to tell the people"?

  Being an entrepreneur is hard as hell and becoming successful at it is even harder.  I made my first candle in December of 2017 and started Toward the Light Candle Company in March of 2018.  Since then I have produced and sold thousands of candles, but have struggled to get a solid business strategy down in order to become a leading company in the industry.

The struggle has been "real", but I have not given up on the dream to connect the lighting of a candle to true healing of souls around the world.  And because of that my dream has been coming true each and every day.  I now have what's needed in order to better serve you.

We stand to address how stress, anxiety, and depression can affect your overall health and well being.  We promote self healing and the ability to address root causes by creating an atmosphere of love, peace, and a burning fire to live your best life and heal.

Toward the Light Candles provide natural healing properties in each candle to help aid in this lifestyle.  From 100 percent soy wax, to essential fragrance oils, and beeswax coated hemp wicks; we offer nothing but the best.  We are also developing a community that will better serve those seeking to step out of darkness and into the light.  We will guide you through.

This is the core competencies of the vision that was created in 2018.  How can I give up on that?  So with that being said I want to introduce to you my new vessels, fragrances, and also services that I will be providing.  

You can now shop all things new... not only that, you can buy in bulk and also contact me to become your candle manufacturer if you are looking to start a candle business.  Simply fill out the contact form.  Stay tuned on how you can join the community!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

I want to close by saying what ever your vision, goal, and aspirations are, never give up on the dream!  You alone have the power to change your current position and reach the heights you so desire.  Keep pushing Toward the Light my friend.  xoxo - Faith Beverly Sapp