Four Deliciously Smelling Fall Scents You Need in Your Home!

It's that time again!  Time to for the Leaves to Fall, Time to get Cozy, and time to fill your Home with Sweet aromas of the Holiday Season!  And that's why we are introducing our Very first Fall line of Candles.  We designed four new scents that are unique and mind-blowing by the way each sniff brings joy to the fall season.  As the owner of this company, I told myself that each scent I design will be an experience that is different from any other candle company.  Not only did I take a vow to design everything natural, I also take pride in the uniqueness of my brand.  With fragrance being one of the most driving factors of candle purchasing, I wanted to make certain that number one; my candles smelled amazing at first sniff, but two; they smell amazing in your home.  With that being said you can expect the best in our New 2018 Fall Collection and every Collection to come thereafter.  So let me introduce to you the Significant Fall line!  Meet Pumpkin Chai, Ginger Beer, Autumn Love, and Crunchy Leaves!  Each one of these Significant choices has their own uniqueness and value to add to your home.  Take the time to get connected with them by clicking on the scent in the shop tab.  

I would like to thank you for reading my very first blog and also for your interest in Toward the Light Candles! ; - ) xoxo

Faith Beverly